Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Gingerbread house completed

 Remember my gingerbread house wip?  I finished it!

Well, the stitching is finished anyway :)

I really like the pastel colors on this one

Can you see the sparkle in the gingerbread frosting?

I used my new favorite blending filament to add some sparkle.  I love this!!!

I didn't use too many advanced stitches, mainly back stitch and french knots.  For the candy tree trunk I used the open chain stitch.  I had to go back and review my own 100 Stitches post to remember how to do it!

I am really happy with the way this turned out! 

Now I just have two more gingerbread houses left to transfer and stitch:

Here is a list of the beautiful floss colors I used for this project:


Kristen King said...

I really love how it turned out too!! :)

Annette-California said...

Gorgeous! You did a beautiful job with the coloring and stitching. I have the pattern from you but haven't stitched it yet. Now I can look at yours to have a better idea. I'm a follower of your lovely blog. Yes. After all this time I still read your blog, I love it. I started a blog on my stitching early this year. You have a wonderful day.
love Annette

Carmen said...

Looks great.

janice15 said...

I love the way it turned out to...It's just to sweet and I love all the colors that you used...Happy Holidays with love Janice @ spoonwither.blogspot.com

Jules said...

Truly good enough to eat!x

lilipopo said...

absolutely love it! I always have to look back at stitch instructions just to make sure! Lovely pinks and sparkles x

Kim said...

Kristen - Thank you! :)
Annette - Thank you! I can't wait to see your stitching - your blog is wonderful. Your cross stitch gingerbread houses are so sweet!
Hi Carmen, Thanks!
Janice - Thank you! I had been a little concerned that this would be too pastel but I love it now. Happy holidays to you too :)
Hi Jules! Thank you - it does look yummy :)
Kate - Thanks, I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one!!

Johanna said...

Sweet subject matter, sweet result! It's darling :D

Bobbypin Bandit said...

I love your gingerbread house! I wish I lived in a house that looked like this!

JennyPennyPoppy said...

Absolutely beautifully stitched in just the perfect colours.

Little Green Doll said...

I love it!! It's so nice! :)

Kim said...

Johanna - :) Thank you!
Kristen - Lol - Thank you!
Jeanette - Thanks - I love the colors now too
Silvia - :) Thanks!

HsB said...

wow this is so cute!!!! i wish i could do this too :)))) your blog is so sweet!

PS: there is a giveaway on my blog (2 days left), have a look:

KreinikGirl said...

Beautiful! And I love your photos!

Kim said...

Martina - Thank you - and thanks for the link to your beautiful blog - I am going to have to try making your shortbread cookies :)
KreinikGirl - :) Thank you!

Anonymous said...

SUPER cute!! Live that you added some sparkle! I made a gingerbread house as well, but I love yours so much more!

Kim said...

Hi erikajean - Thank you! and thank you for the link, your gingerbread tea towel is so sweet I love it!

FaeryMom said...

I know you made this forever ago, but can you tell me how big it came out, please? It's adorable!

Kim said...

Hi FaeryMom - Thank you! The dimensions for this one are 5-1/2" vertically/tall by 6-1/2" horizontally/wide.