Monday, December 17, 2012

100 Stitches - Buttonhole Insertion Stitch

This interesting stitch is the buttonhole insertion stitch. I am starting a brand new section of 100 Stitches - the Insertion Stitches category.

This stitch is for joining two pieces of fabric.  I practiced this stitch several times with disappointing results.  I had such a hard time keeping the two pieces of fabric the same distance apart while stitching them together.  I kept looking at the example in 100 Stitches and finally noticed that they recommended going back to the front of the book and reading the special instruction notes on Insertion Stitches before working them!  The special instructions are to stitch your fabric to a piece of stiff paper and then work your stitches.
For my demonstration, I just turned under the raw edge of the fabric 1/2" to act as a hem.  If I were making a finished product, I would actually hem each piece of fabric:

I used this green card stock and pinned my fabric in place at about 1/2" apart.   Then I stitched the pieces of fabric to the paper, leaving the folded edge free:

Next, I drew some guide lines.  I drew mine about 1/4" in from the folded over edge.  This line will help me keep my stitches the same size!

This stitch is really simple.  It is sets of four buttonhole stitches worked alternately on the two pieces of fabric.  Just start the first buttonhole stitch at one end - I hid my knot under the folded edge:

I stitched the buttonhole stitch, first on the left side:

and when I had four done, I moved to the fabric on the right side and did four stitches:

When those four were finished, back to the fabric on the left:

and so on until the two pieces of fabric were joined:

Then I took the joined fabric off the card stock and washed out the marker lines:

Beautiful! I think this stitch would be perfect for joining panels on a table runner or table cloth.  I can't wait to try it on a real project. 

This stitch is number 98 on the 100 Stitches list.  The floss I used is DMC pearl cotton color variations #4060.


Nima said...

that is an awesome tut. i never thought of pinning it to a paper...and it was going wonky when i tried this...thank you so much

latha said...

Beautiful stitch! Thank you for the instruction..using paper is a brilliant idea.

Beena said...

Good post

Digna said...

It's really, really beautiful. Jaja, it is like you need to watch the end of the film. Now the stich is perfect.

Bobbypin Bandit said...

Kim, this stitch is fantastic! I think it would be cool to add to a cardigan or blouse... take the shoulder or sleeve seams out and add these, it would be awesome! What a wonderful stitch!

I love reading your blog because it's beautiful and I learn something new about embroidery! Thank you!

Sparklyjools said...

Lovely stitch and an excellent tutorial Kim - I love the colours of the thread you chose too.x

Leelagovind said...

thanks for sharing the paper technique..definitely this will help to get uniformity when joining two pieces..

Johanna said...

Gasp! It's just beautiful! :O SO lovely. Hopefully you'll think of some great way to incorporate it into a project. It'll be great!

Denise :) said...

Kim -- it's beautiful. Just lovely! I've never seen this stitch used before...I'm going to look it up. You did a great job with it!

Kim said...

Nima - Thank you! :)
latha - Thanks! I am so glad I read about using paper - it makes all the difference!
Beena.stephy - Thank you!
Digna - Thanks! It looks good when it is finished :)
Kristen - I love your idea! It really feels like a strong stitch too. Thank you!!!
Jules - Thank you! This thread is so pretty in person.
Leela - Thank you! The paper technique is sooo helpful!
Johanna - Thank you! I will post what I come up with :)
Denise - Thank you! I had never seen this stitch either. I really love it and there are two other insertion stitches on the list to try!

Ana Love Craft said...

Hi Kim, I love this stitch and the thread is perfect for this! Brilliant embroidery tecnique.Thank so much for always share beautiful things!
Have a wonderful day and Merry Christmas!
Hugs from Portugal,

Ana Love Craft

Kim said...

Hi Ana - Thank you! I love this floss! Have a Merry Christmas too :)

JennyPennyPoppy said...

Excellent pictures and explanation on how you worked this stitch Kim. Very nicely done!

Silvia LGD (Little Green Doll) said...

This is a very interesting new section!
Hope you've had a wonderful Christmas!! I wish you have a Happy New Year!! Hugs

janice15 said...


Kim said...

Thank you Jeanette - this was a really fun one.
Sylvia - Thank you! I did have a wonderful Christmas - I hope you did too - have a very happy new year!! :)
Janice - Thank you! I hope you do visit often :) Happy new year!

Shami Immanuel said...

Great ideas. Brilliant tutorial.

Kim said...

Shami Immanuel - Thank you!