Friday, April 6, 2012

Patisserie wip update

You might remember the little incident that occured when I was taking out some stitches on this project. I'm happy to say this has all been fixed!

I really want to thank everyone for their helpful comments on that post, I really appreciate it and I received so many good ideas and solutions.  The solution I used was to carefully stitch over the hole with long stitches, first horizontally: 

and then vertically. For the vertical stitches, I wove the thread over and under the horizontal thread.  This was quite a challenge! In fact, I had to use a delicate sewing needle with a tiny eye rather than my usual embroidery needle.  When I first started the repairing stitches, I used white sewing thread.  The whites didn't quite match so it was very obvious and the sewing thread weight-wise was actually too coarse and heavy.  I wasn't sure what sort of thread to use that would match both in color and weight.  After a bit of experimenting,  I ended up using a thread from my embroidery fabric!  I carefully pulled the thread out of the weave along the cut edge of my fabric.  It worked really well and you can barely see the repair.

The next step was to re-stitch the double knot stitch across the top of the curtain:

Now the repair just fades into the background :)

another view:

I finished the patisserie sign, if you remember on my last wip post, I had stitched the "e" in pink.  I didn't like the way it looked so  I decided to carefully take the pink stitches out and stitch all the letters in black.

I have completed all the stitching around the building.  To make the foundation line of the shop stand out, I used two lines of stitching.  One in  a light gray and one in a darker gray.  I also stitched all the delicious sweets in the patisserie. 

I used the double knot stitch on the second tier of this three-tiered cake and I am really pleased with the frosting look that a border of french knots gives:

I love the way this turned out!


Katie said...

It really looks awesome! I'm about halfway through mine....

Angela Lee said...

Beautiful! I'm so glad the repair worked. Shew!

Claire said...

It's so beautiful!

Mandy said...

OH that repair job was great! Well done!

Love the colours & the sign is better in black for sure!

Cath said...

I love it too! Glad you could fix your problem....I may have tossed it, if it was me!

Simone Arrais said...

It became a amazing solution, my dear! Good for you and for us that could appreciate your wonderful job! A very happy Easter, Kim! Big hug!

Cheryl said... pretty. I can't wait to start mine after Easter!

lilipopo said...

Oh it's beautiful and what a fantastic repair job! I too have been guilty of being a little too free and easy with scissors! It's good to see that it's mendable.

Kate x

Jules Woolford said...

Perfect! Well done, it's good enough to eat! (hee hee). Happy Easter Kim!

big B said...

Thank you Katie - I can't wait to see your project!
Angela - Thank you - me too!
Hi Claire - Thank you!
Thank you Mandy!
Hi Cath - Thank you!
Happy Easter Simone and thank you!
Thank you Cheryl! I think you will love stitching this!
Kate - Thank you!
Thank you Jules - Happy Easter to you too!

Johanna said...

It's just darling :) I have an emboidery all traced but I haven't picked it up to begin my stitching for ages! Maybe I can use yours as inspiration... thought mine won't be nearly as cool! Great job on the repair. And love the french knot frosting! :)

Bobbypin Bandit said...

This looks phenomenal!!

Your repair is fantastic! It isn't even noticeable.


Farah said...

It is just cute Kim... love the colours very much so pleasant and lively...
Hope you will enjoy a visit to see beauty of spring @
With love

big B said...

Johanna - Thank you! If you finish your embroidery I hope you blog about it - I would love to see it!
:) Bobbypin - thanks!
Thank you Farah!

Bits of Stitching! said...

Great fix!!! You can't tell on the finished piece, which by the way is lovely!

big B said...

:) Thank you Monika!

Makolina said...


big B said...

Hi Kasia! Thank you :)