Monday, April 30, 2012

Daisy stitching

I wanted to share this stitching I just finished. I am going to use this daisy motif on my blog sidebar. I love the way it turned out:

I used the stem stitch for the stems :)  the lazy daisy stitch for the little daisies and french knots for the daisy centers and the embellishments:

I used the satin stitch for the big daisy petals:

Here are the numbers for these pretty, spring-y colors:


Angela Lee said...

Love, love, love it Kim. The colors, the stitching, everything. Love it.

Unknown said...

Oh, my dear, it's an adorable work! Great pattern and remarcable embroideries. Congrats!

dottycookie said...

Oh! So gorgeous!

::cupcakesandbiscuits:: said...

Simply lovely!
Ali x

Kim said...

Angela - Thank you!
:) Thanks Simone!
Hi dottycookie - Thank you!
Ali - Thank you!

Makolina said...

beautiful daisies!!!!

E McDowell said...

Love this.

Ángela said...

It´s a beautiful work! I love it!!

Johanna said...

Aargh, this is soo pretty. I LOVE it, I love the colours and simplicity :)
Please come to my house and embroider on everything I own. lol!
I think this will look great on your blog sidebar. You could even put it in your header!

Farah said...

Soft, pretty and with a pure touch of feminine beauty...
Hope you will enjoy a visit at
With love

Kim said...

Kasia - Thank you!
:) Thanks E McDowell
Angela - Thank you!
Johanna - Thanks LOL! :)
Farah - Thank you and congratulations on your 100th post!