Monday, March 26, 2012

Whoops :(

An update on my patisserie project.   Everything was going along really well.

I finished the upper edge of the awning and the border around the iron sign with the double knot stitch.  I stitched the curtain swags with a couching stitch

I also used the double knot stitch on the top of the curtains.  I was loving the way it looked when I noticed the spacing between all the knots was not quite right on the left-most curtain top.  I just had to go and fix it, which meant taking the stitching out.  Can you spot the resulting disaster?

Here is a closer look.  I used my scissors to take the stitching out and snipped right through the fabric.  You may remember when I did this exact same thing on another project.  That time, the damage wasn't as bad.  I don't know how I am going to fix this!

On a much happier note, we had a beautiful, sunny weekend and I took some pictures of my daffodils:

these miniature daffodils:

And one of my rhubarb plants:

I'll be back soon to post some pictures of my zinnia wip - much happier news on that progress!


Unknown said...

Oh, my Gosh... What a disaster! It had happened to me in the past and I hated it! But I think you could create one kind of web with little stitches in white thread and to continue the embroidery over this littles stitches. I'm not sure how look this would be, but you can't give up of this project! And to start again... Oh, my... I can't imagine this! Good luck, my dear! Be strong and patiente, ok?

Denise :) said...

Oh Kim, I'm SO sorry. Could you iron on a tiny piece of stabilizer and work your stitches so that a little knot goes right over the space? I mean it's not ideal, but it might work for such a small little opening. Good luck! :)

Shawkl said...

Oh my! This is an unorthodox idea, but could you put a bit of glue stitch to the back, and let that dry clear. Then stitch. The glue should hold the thread. when you pass through it.

Good luck!


Kim said...

Thank you so much ladies for your ideas and your sympathy :) I think I will experiment with these ideas on some scrap fabric - I really appreciate your help!

Ruth B said...

Oh nooooooooo....I hate it when that happens. Good luck fixing it because it is adorable!

Johanna said...

I'm sure you will come up with a great fix, and the knot will help disguise it too! I think the double knot stitch looks amazing and I'm loving your colour choices!

Mandy said...

how about an appliqué fabric awning fused on. Just to make it a little different! :-)

Farah said...

Its the worst part but I am sure you can fix it with your creativity... for me its the most bored thing...
Daffodils are so lovely..
Hope you will enjoy a visit at
Beautiful spring memories
With love

Angela said...

Oh my goodness! It looks fantastic even with the little "whoops." I think the iron on stabilizer may work for such a small hole, but I wouldn't put a knot there. It may not be strong enough and pop right through. I think it's small enough that no one would ever see it but you. I think darning it would make it too bulky.

You could also go to Mary's site and ask her. She's been doing this for years, and I'm sure this has happened to her too.

She has an "ask questions" button at the top of her page. I'll look around on my other sites to see if there are other suggestions too.

Bobbypin Bandit said...

Oh no! I have done that before and know how much of a bummer that can be.

I wish I could help with a solution... but I have no idea how to fix something like this. Maybe you can add a little bird or a flower or a cool knot to cover the little hole.

Either way, the whole piece still looks great!

Angela Lee said...


I found both of these options on Mary's site.

I think depending on the size of the hole, you could try weaving a thread through both vertically and horizontally OR use the stabilizer.

If you'll be stretching the piece, I'd go for weaving the thread. Otherwise, I think the stabilizer would be the better option.

Let me know which you choose and if it works. Good Luck!

Kim said...

Thank you Ruth! Johanna - Thank you! Despite this little setback, I think the double knot stitch may be my new favorite stitch :) Mandy - Great idea! If I could find the right fabric it would certainly solve my problem! Farah - Thank you :) Bobbypin - Thanks! I plan on finishing this as soon as I find a solution! Angela - Thank you! I have been reading Mary's post from your link - such wonderful info on her site. I can't really weave like she did because my fabric is too tightly woven for me to weave with my needle but I can carefully stitch back and forth over the top of the hole both horizontally and fact, I am already trying it using thread I unraveled from the fabric and a smaller needle...I think it just might work :) I don't have any stabilizer on hand to try, I am going to see if some "wonder under" will work - but I think it may be too firm. Thanks so much everyone! I will post soon on my "repair experiments"!