Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Progress report...

Remember this wip? Well, I have made a bit of progress on it!

The last time I posted about this, I had started the candy canes and finished the swirly candy.  For the swirly candy I used the whipped running stitch - I love the effect it gives! 

For the second candy, I decided to use the couching stitch.  It is a fun stitch to do and I love the look of it:

Here is the couching stitch completed:

and now a close up of the completed candy canes in the long and short stitch:

Almost done!  I am just finishing this third candy which I am doing in back stitch:

I will post a picture of the finished project I make out of this soon. I have some ideas involving trim...


Libby said...

Oh!! I LOVE your long and short stitch in the candy canes!! It looks super...wish I could do a nice fill-in stitch like that!! It's really beautiful!

Keep Stitchin' said...

That is just darling!! Makes me want to do some hand stitching!

donna!ee said...

so cheerful...makes me look forward to Christmas! blest be :)

Angela Lee said...

I just learned how to do the couching stitch but wondered how I would use it. Now I know. It looks fantastic. Can't wait to see the finished product.


Anonymous said...

It is always fun to come visit your blog and see your stitches. Your work is simply beautiful! Do you have a special way of keeping all your sample stitches? Visiting your blog makes me want to practice stitching again. Thank you for all your great explanations and pictures. It is very helpful.

big B said...

Libby - Thank you! I am loving using the short and long stitch - especially with the pearl cotton floss.
Trudy - Thank you! I really enjoy hand stitching, so relaxing!
donna!ee - I am looking forward to Christmas too - I do have a lot of things to make in these next 2-1/2 months!
Angela - Thanks - I am almost finished with this. I love the couching stitch - isn't it fun to do?!
Thank you Beverly! It is so much fun to stitch and I hope you do start stitching again! - Yes I always stitch a final, best I can manage, example of each of the 100 Stitches stitch I have just learned and I am keeping those all together as examples.

Ali said...

So gorgeous!! I love this!

Farah Muzaffar said...

Hi Kim I am bit late but glad to see your progress ... looks so lovely
Visit me if you can

big B said...

Hi Ali - Thanks!
Farah - Thank you!