Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Two finished wips

Here is the autumn leaf wreath all finished!
I decided to go with the six strand embroidery floss instead of the color variations pearl cotton floss.  The colors I chose were red - dmc 349, orange -dmc 3853, brown - dmc 918, and gold - dmc 680:
I love how this looks in the 6" wooden hoop and I added this rust colored grosgrain ribbon as an embellishement.  I could also hang the hoop by this ribbon!  After I was done stitching, I trimmed my fabric to about 2" wider than the hoop.  Then I used a running stitch all the way around and pulled it to sort of gather the fabric and keep it inside the back of the hoop.  I will have to experiment on how to secure it so that it lays (and stays) perfectly flat:
Remember this wip?!! I have finally finished it:
You might notice that the roof stitching looks different.  I was very confident that the interlaced band stitch would work perfect for this roof but I was wrong!  It was way too much floss and way too "busy".  Instead I used a herringbone stitch that I couched sort of like the trellis or jacobean stitch :
I am really happy with both of these now completed wips!


Jessica said...

They both look wonderful. Great stitching! I am in awe. Mine don't look this fab. ;)

Blessings, Jessica

Ninu said...

love these embroidery!

Libby said...

Your Fall piece turned out so nice! and I loved your Gingerbread house both ways..but the finished roof is adorable!! I love that you arent afraid to rip stitiches! You picked the perfect stitich for that roof top!

Unknown said...

The both look amazing! My favorite is the autumm, I've loved the colours you've chosen. Congrats! xoxo

donna!ee said...

your finished is absolutely beautiful AND so inspiring...thank you much for sharing. :)!

Farah said...

Oh Kim lovely lovely what bright colours are... looking pretty ...

StitchinByTheLake said...

Cute stuff! I love the way your autumn leaf wreath looks in the hoop - I think I might try that with one I'm working on. blessings, marlene

MomWaldsPlace said...

It feels so GOOD to finish something, especially if it has been around awhile. Your two came out simply wonderful. The leaves are my favorite. They are simple and beautiful.

Digna said...

I have just discovered your blog and it's really wonderful.
Now on I'm your follower.

Best regards,


Anonymous said...

Again...I love it! Beautiful job Kim! Sandy

Kim said...

Jessica - Thanks!!!
Ninu - Thank you!
Libby - thank you! It is so frustrating to rip stitches out but now i am happy :)
Simone - Thank you!
donna!ee - Thank you :)
Farah - Thank you!
Marlene - Thank you! You should, it is a really nice way to display your finished piece.
Mom Wald - It does feel nice to be done with these...now I have to get back to my snow quilt!
Hi Digna - Thank you! I'm so glad you found the big B blog. Thanks for the link to your lovely blog - I am following you too
Thank you Sandy!

Silvia LGD (Little Green Doll) said...

I love the autumn leaves, the colours are so beautiful!! Your Christmas house embroidery is also really nice :)

Kim said...

:) Thank you Silvia!