Friday, August 12, 2011

100 Stitches - Raised Chain Band Stitch

100 Stitches time again! This is the raised chain band stitch:I found this to be a very easy stitch to learn. To demonstrate this stitch, I am using dmc color variations pearl cotton floss #4210. I drew two parallel lines with my water soluble marker:
This stitch starts out sort of like the striped woven band stitch in that you make foundation bars, evenly spaced, perpendicular to your parallel lines. To do that, first come up through the fabric on the left parallel line:

and then go back into the fabric directly across on right parallel line:

this makes a small straight stitch or foundation bar:

come back up again on the left parallel line to start the next foundation bar. Just continue like this until you have all the foundation bars you want.

When you have all the foundation bars stitched, secure the floss on the underside. If you want to use a contrasting floss for the raised chain part of this stitch, you would now switch to that color. I opted to use the same floss. Bring the needle up through the fabric above the first foundation bar:

Pull it all the way through. Now bring the needle under the first foundation bar, not grabbing any fabric, just sliding under the foundation bar. Notice the needle is pointing upwards and heading to the left of where the working floss emerged from the fabric:

pull the working floss all the way through:

now notice the needle/floss position - bring the needle around to point down and slide under the first foundation bar and the floss is in a big loop:

the needle is going to pass under the first foundation bar and head to the left:

to pass over the working floss:

keep pulling:

all the way:

to form the stitch:

Now you just start over on the second foundation bar. Slide the needle pointing upwards under the second foundation bar and heading towards the left:

pull all the way though:

now bring the needle around and pointing down to slide under the second foundation bar and over the working floss:

and pulling all the way to make the second stitch:

100 Stitches didn't specify how to finish this stitch so I just went back into the fabric:
below the last foundation bar:
Here is the neat underside of the stitching:
I think the raised chain band makes a beautiful line of stitching:

This stitch is #64 on the 100 Stitches list. It is in the composite stitches section of 100 Stitches.


Beverly said...

Very nice!! Your work is so perfect!!

donna!ee said...

wonderful stitches & bottom! i wanted to thank you much for continuing to share your stitches. thanks to your detailed step by step sharing, i am brave & have now joined a stitch along. blest be :)

Libby said...

That doesnt look too hard! and it is a great looking stitch! Your work is always!
Thanks for sharing this!

DaNieLa said...

Hi. I like your work. congratulations!!

Julia said...

What a beautiful stitch!!! Thanks!

Farah said...

ITs beautiful and easy to make...

Kim said...

Beverly - Thank you!
Donna!ee - Thank you - I enjoy posting these as I am learning them. Your stitch along sounds like so much fun!
Thank you Libby - it isn't hard to do but is impressive looking - the best combination!
Hi DaNieLa - Thank you!
Julia - thanks!
Farah - Thank you!

נשים למען המקדש said...

thank u :)

Kim said...

You are welcome - this was a fun one!

Anonymous said...

i like this so much . . .i love stitches and this one is soooo loving . . thanks 4 sharing

Kim said...

Thank you :)