Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ladybug Embroidery Pattern Packet

I really enjoyed stitching this little ladybug and whimsical mushrooms: This is one of the images from the new Ladybug Embroidery Pattern Packet:Can you spot all the different stitches I used? I used the back stitch, french knots, chain stitch, satin stitch and the long and short stitch! One of my favorite parts of a new embroidery project is the selecting of colors! I knew red and black would be on the short list...but for the rest, I relied on my color wheel:
I selected red as the "pure color"
according to the color wheel, the tetrad, or four colors that will make a nice relationship with red are orange, yellow, purple and blue. I didn't want to use blue, so I tried again, using orange as the pure color:
The four colors for orange are red, yellow, purple and green! Perfect!I have listed the pattern packet in the big B Etsy shop.


vaheeda said...


big B said...

Hi vaheeda - Thank you!

The Krafty Cupcake said...

A lovely design. Sue x

Anonymous said...

You were right Kim, they are adorable! And I love your colors! - Sam

Farah Muzaffar said...

Simply adorable, how cute the mushroom is and the lady bug is a darling... very very cute Kim
Colours are the most playful thing for, if you also like to play with them and want some beautiful result please check me at

big B said...

Thank you Sue!
Hi Sam - thanks! I am busy stitching up another one :)
Thank you Farah!