Thursday, October 21, 2010

100 Stitches - cable chain stitch

This beautiful stitch is the cable chain stitch. It is the latest stitch I have learned from 100 StitchesThis is a fairly easy stitch to do, but it wasn't so easy for me to learn! I think I am doing it correctly...anyway here is what I did. First, this stitch doesn't need any guidelines just a needle and floss:This stitch is worked from right to left. The first step is to come up through your fabric. Keep your working floss to the left:Next, slide your needle under the working floss, without going into the fabric and then over the working floss: Gently pull on the working floss to wrap the floss around the needle. Put your needle into the fabric just to the left of where your floss originally came up through the fabric:
Now take a small stitch and pull your needle through:and keep pulling: Pull all the way through and you will have a flat loop which is the first stitch. Now just repeat: bring your needle under and then over your working floss:Pull on the working floss to wrap it around your needle. Put your needle into the fabric a bit to the left of where the floss came out of the fabric: and take a stitch:
Now pull the needle and floss all the way through and this forms the second loop:
Just continue for as many stitches as you want:To end the stitching line, simply go back down through the fabric and thread your floss through the underside stitches to anchor the floss:
This stitch leaves a nice, neat underside: I think this is such a beautiful stitch, it almost looks like a bracelet!

The cable chain stitch is stitch #45 and is in the linked stitches section of 100 Stitches.


John'aLee said...

Oh I love, love love that stitch! How do you get your circles so perfect?? I am amazed.
I adore your snowman from the last post too.

Farah Muzaffar said...

I love chain stitch very much... Can I give you a suggestion? Why dont you start a linky party in which all we can share stitches taught by you, only stitches .. not the projects... I think it will be very inviting.. and all will love it.... I am waiting for your next project now

donna!ee said...

THANK YOU MUCH for the step by step instructions & easy to see & follow & learn from you Kim! i'll be using this as an addition to a nautical sampler ... ;)

big B said...

Thank you John'aLee! I had a hard time with the circles at first but as long as you keep your stitch length consistent, they just come out all the same size and circular.
Thanks Farah! - fantastic suggestion - if people wanted to do these stitches - it would be fun to see their stitches too.
donna!ee - Thank you! This stitch would be SO good on a nautical sampler - I hope you post a picture!

Farah Muzaffar said...

Oh sure B... I am ready to go with some stitches... Ok I will do a post regarding with stitches... Why didn't you announce a linky part after 2 or 3 weeks that your followers and other do some stitches and make a post of it... I am going for it, today I m going to post something and hopefully my next post will be on stitches.. I am waiting for your announcment of a linky party..

Farah Muzaffar said...

How are you, I would love if you peek on to my new post...