Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer teapot wip and two sweet garden helpers!

Here is a little "summer" looking teapot wip. I love this aqua and pink color scheme! I think the french knots all over the teapot make it look like a fun, casual teapot you could take outdoors. In addition to the french knots, I used the chain stitch to make the decorative lines on the body of the teapot.
That is the back stitch you see outlining the teapot body. I also used the backstitch for the flowers and the lettering. Now the question is, what am I going to make with this? I had originally planned on a tea towel. I would just hem it and add some trim. This would make a really cute towel - I stitched this on a really big piece of fabric so I could make something bigger. I was thinking I might want to use these little pieces:

There is a creamer, sugar bowl, and two matching tea cups. I think these would look perfect on the other end of a towel or perhaps I could make a small table cloth? I will post a picture of whatever I come up with! Now onto some nice summer garden pictures! Remember my pea project?
My pea plants are all in full bloom, taller than their supports and are producing yummy sugar-snap peas!
I also have started some nasturtiums:
And this is a non-edible sweet pea. This is the first flower of this plant to bloom. I have these planted in front of a trellis so that I can support them as they grow tall and hopefully produce tons of flowers! Sweet Peas smell so good and they make really nice cut flowers.
We had a cold, wet and rainy June, so my roses have not been doing very well - however this reliable yellow bloomer always has beautiful blooms:
I also wanted to post pictures of my two garden helpers. They always keep me company and are interested in everything that is going on. This is Berit
and this is Rego


Libby said...

o.k. you know that I always love your embroidery and your flowers are very pretty...but your dogs are gorgeous!!!

Cade and I always watch for German Shepherds. They are beautiful dogs!
Thanks for sharing!

Delaney Gates said...

I found your blog via Flickr. I love your embroidery! Thank you for the inspiration! :)

big B said...

Thanks Libby! I love dogs and these two are just so sweet!
Hi Delaney Gates - so glad you found my blog!

My 1st Bambina ! said...

A very cute tea pot ... the colors you chose are lovely and fresh !
Your have lots of lovely plants in your garden, specially the pea's blooms !
Berit and Rego seem to be very nice and sweet companions !