Tuesday, June 1, 2010

strawberry pillow wip and some garden pictures

I am working on a pillow project! I started out with this simple embroidery of a strawberry. This is from the strawberry embroidery pattern packet. I stitched SO MANY french knots! The whole strawberry, stem, and flower center are all filled with french knots. For the red, I used dmc #321, the yellow is dmc #726 and the green is dmc #907. I used the split stitch to outline the strawberry, back stitch for the lettering and the stem and flower petal outlines. This will be the front of the pillow.
I am planning on making the back of the pillow a quilted panel! And by quilted, I mean small squares sewn together in a patchwork pattern :)
I am going to use this sweet strawberry fabric, first seen here and some white squares too. I plan to sew the front and back together with this beautiful green rick-rack as the trim. I will post my progress pictures on this as I go along, but in the meantime, I also wanted to share some beautiful flower pictures. We are having a really wet spring - very typical for the pacific northwest! Everything is so green and pretty. This is a chive flower in my herb garden:
Two years ago, for my birthday, I received these amazing allium bulbs. I have purple - which always bloom first:
and white - which is almost in bloom:
I am developing a new flower bed outside my shop/garden shed and I started these foxglove plants from seed! I also have several foxglove plants in this bed that are native to this area. The native plants always have a pinky-lavender flower. I wanted some other colors too so I bought a multicolored seed packet and now I have white to pale pink and a beautiful yellow. I love these plants and so do the bees!


Annie said...

Hi Kim!...So cute strawberry!...Can't wait to see it finished!...At night when you closed your eyes did you see thousands of french knots???.... :D ....I'm in Calif. and have not seen that beautiful Allium bulb!...Have a great day!..Annie

Georgia said...

Your strawberry looks brilliant - love the knots! :-)

Kim said...

Annie - Thanks! Yes I saw french knots everywhere - I was really surprised how much floss all those french knots took - the lettering and the strawberry took almost a whole skein of floss!
Georgia - Thank you :)

Libby said...

Beautiful as always!! I can't wait to see this finished!! Very pretty!!

Kim said...

Thanks Libby! It shouldn't take me to long to finish. I am a little unsure how the back is going to go - i will post a picture no matter how it looks :)

My 1st Bambina ! said...

Your french knot strawberry is gorgeous, that pillow is going to be lovely !
Lovely flowers in your garden, your purple alliums are beautiful !

Kim said...

Thanks! that little white allium is almost in bloom - i will post a picture when it's a full "globe"!