Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rainbow of Stitches pink entry

This is my latest entry to the Feeling Stitchy Rainbow of Stitches contest - for the color pink! This is a pillowcase edge pattern from the flowers embroidery pattern packet.
I stitched this using my new variegated dmc #4180 perle cotton floss - I love the color effects! I also love stitching french knots - I used them around the flower center:
For my next color, I am going to use green - I have just finished a sweet little design and am stitching it up! I will post a picture as soon as it is done.


Sadie said...

Very pretty :-) Love the variations in colour the floss has given. Look forward to seeing your green piece.

big B said...

Thanks Sadie! I love these variations too - you just can't predict where the darks or lights will be on your pattern - I think this floss is perfect for stitching flowers!