Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rainbow of Stitches contest - green entry

Here is my green entry for the Feeling Stitchy Rainbow of Stitches contest! This little image is of a pea pod, like the ones I am growing in my vegetable garden this year:
They are doing really well and the plants are already about 3-1/2' high - no blossoms yet. I really like the way pea vines use their curly spirals to hold onto the support strings:
It makes for a perfect picture to stitch!
I used the back stitch, threaded back stitch (for the border), and the split stitch on one side of the pod. I used three different shades of green floss. The lightest shade is dmc #907. The other two are shades were already in my stash all wound up on their bobbins so unfortunately I don't have their color numbers.


Annie said...

Hi Kim!...I like the stitches that you chose for your green peas...Going to run out tomorrow and buy some of the variegated pearl cotton tomorrow!...I've never used it before and it looks so pretty on those pink flowers you stitched!...Have a great day...Annie

big B said...

Hi Annie! Thanks! You are going to LOVE that variegated floss - it just makes everything you stitch look so interesting and highlighted. I am planning on buying a lot more of the colors too!

My 1st Bambina ! said...

It is lovely ! The design/pattern and how you chose to embroidered it, very nice variety of stitches you used !
Your garden peas are looking great as well ! :-)

big B said...

Thanks Monika! These pea plants are growing so fast - since I took that picture, I have had to add two more rows of twine!