Monday, April 26, 2010


I have a new pattern packet available in my Etsy shop. It is called strawberries. The picture above is a work in progress I am doing on one of the patterns from the packet. Below is a picture of a completed tea towel featuring the main pattern. I love how this turned out. You might notice that I hemmed the towel with an easy running the my running stitch.

This is a picture of what the pattern packet looks like. It is 10 pages with tons of fun designs!

I also wanted to post these pictures of some old needle packages. My grandma and great-grandma had a lot of embroidery and sewing supplies and it is always fun to look through their old items - I love the packaging on this:

on the back of the package is the price .19 cents! And this package: lots of the needles are still inside and all in beautiful colored foil -

and finally this so sweet little puppy "spool pet" to put on a thread spool - this puppy was one in a series - the package says you can get the rest by sending 4 cents in stamps!


Annie said...

Kim...Love..Love..Love the pink on these strawberries and the color for the stem is perfect for it!....What dmc numbers are they?...This pattern is so cute! ...It's neat that you have those pkgs of needles!...Can you believe the prices!...Annie

big B said...

Thanks Annie! The green stem color is dmc 955 and the pink is dmc 3608 it makes such a beautiful color combination! I don't have my pink material yet for my ruffle - hope I can match it!

jacqueline said...

I LOVE these strawberries too! This stitch is just wonderful! Oh and look at those wonderful goodies packages you found that belongs to your grandma and great-grandma! Wonderful! I hope you had a good weekend! Have a lovely week ahead. Love to you!

Anonymous said...

I needed/wanted a cerain effect with an embroidry I was doing and improvised. I later found that what I had done was fly stitch.

I love the idea of working through the book. I haven't got this one but I have several other excellent stitch books. I must do something like this. I bet it's a good learning curve but really fun too.

big B said...

Thank you Jacqueline! I'm so glad to have these :)
Hi Sara - I think you should do something like this - working through a stitching book. I am really enjoying it and I have found that it was a steep learning curve at first but I seem to be having an easier time learning new stitches as I have progressed through this book!