Tuesday, April 20, 2010

non-embroidery post!

Nothing embroidery related to see here...we have had a few days of such beautiful spring weather and I wanted to share these pictures! The ornamental cherry tree is in bloom:The white camellia has finally bloomed:
These lilac bushes which are really old are in full bloom.
They are so fragrant!
And these bright red tulips: and finally these little grape hyacinths. I love these because their blooms last for such a long time.


Libby said...

Beautiful Flowers!!

big B said...

Thanks Libby! I'm so glad I took these pictures when I did - last night we had a huge rainstorm so there are lots of petals on the ground now!

jacqueline said...

These flowers are so pretty and your take such beautiful photos! Happy to have found your very inspiring bubble space. I am a huge fan of hand-stitch embroidery too! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

big B said...

Thank you Jacqueline :) So glad you found the blog and enjoyed these pictures! Have a great day and thanks!

Baby registry said...

It doesn't seizes to amaze me how beautiful those flowers are.