Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Valentine's Day Heart

I love adding sequins to my embroidery projects.  {example  example} 
Recently, I decided to try using just sequins to fill an entire motif - in this case, one of the hearts from the Be Mine Valentine embroidery pattern.

For the sequins, I selected small {8 mm} size cup sequins in pink. I stitched them in place with sewing thread.  

First, I outlined the heart.  I started at the tip and centered the first sequin.  I found that the best looking results came from partially layering the the sequins.  You can see that each new sequin is on top of the previous sequin:

I went all the way around and then started the next row, following the outline...and so on... 

until it was completely filled in.  What do you think?  I love the sparkly result!!


https://jensewingmachines.com/best-embroidery-machines/ said...

Hi Kim, My name is Jen.
I just came about your blog and I love it!
Thank you for plenty of ideas!!
All best :)

Susan said...


fernandez said...

hola kim hermosisimo inspirador tu corazon para valentian, mil gracias por compartir tus proyectos, voy a tratar de hacer uno a ver que tal me queda

Kim said...

Hello Jen - Thank you :)

Hi Susan - Thank you!!

hola Carmen,
¡Muchas gracias! Espero que puedas hacer un corazón de lentejuelas. ¡El proyecto es divertido!