Monday, March 16, 2015

Organization - Embroidery Journal - 2.0

You may remember when I first designed my Embroidery Journal.  {If not, you can read about it here}. 
I have loved using this journal! 

I record the pertinent information about all my stitching projects.   

And about my embroidery inventory

Having that information and being able to find it in a convenient, organized fashion has been wonderful.  I find myself referring to it often.

Recently, a customer purchased one of these journals and told me that she loved using it but she wished that it had a thread inventory list.  Such a wonderful idea!  An idea that I think will be so useful. 

So - I have added some pages to the original Embroidery Journal. 

There are two thread inventory pages.  One is for large collections of a particular type of thread.  There are spaces at the top of the page to record the brand, size, fiber and description of the collection.  I am using it for all my DMC solid cotton floss.  I record the thread number and best of all...I add a sample of the thread next to the number.  This is creating a permanent "color card" with actual thread that I can refer to any time.  This is so much more accurate than relying on printed colors or looking at color cards online!
Plus, I can print out as many of these pages as I need to record all my floss and I can arrange them how I like, either by color groups or in numerical order. 

The second thread inventory page is for smaller or even mixed collections.  I am using it for my perle cotton floss and my metallic flosses.

There is a page for converting thread numbers between the different brands.  You can build up your own chart for recording the color number of floss from one brand to several other brands:

I am so happy with these additions to the original Embroidery Journal!

If you purchased the original Embroidery Journal, I would like you to have the updated version!  Please email me {} or leave a comment here on the blog.  I will be happy to email you the new version! 


summer said...

it looks lovely and very useful. I don't do enough embroidery to warrant one but great for those who do.

Kim said...

:) Thank you Summer!