Friday, November 28, 2014

Embroidered Pillowcases

A few years ago my sister gave me some beautiful pillowcases she bought during a trip to Ireland.  They are from Brownlow Linens and they are made from the softest, loveliest cotton fabric. 

I am really excited to embroider on these.  I am thinking it will be so beautiful to embroider in white on white! 

I will be embroidering the pillowcase edges so I am looking for an appropriate design.  I think a horizontal border design will work perfectly.  Here are some of the designs I am considering:

This project will be fun!


Darlene said...

Hmmm...looks interesting!

Kim said...

Darlene - I hope so!

Angela Lee said...

Kim, test it first to see if it shows up the way you want. I did that once on a dress, and it was barely noticeable. I love the look though and hope you pull it off!!

Kim said...

Angela - Thanks that is a great idea...I will make sure to test it first. I think I will also try the perle cotton and see if that makes a difference. I will post about my test :)