Friday, June 13, 2014


I have a new embroidery pattern available in my shop.  It is called Dinosaurs! 

This was such a fun pattern set to research and draw.  Now I am enjoying stitching the motifs. 

really love this T-Rex.  I drew him in two sizes, one size that is in relation to the other motifs, so that you could stitch a whole prehistoric scene and he would be the appropriate scale to all the other dinosaurs and trees and plants.  And I drew a big stand alone size.  I just finished stitching that one:

Notice his big sharp teeth?  As you can see, I stitched them in white floss.  The white floss against the white ground fabric wasn't really showing up so I added a single strand of a murky green colored floss and made a straight stitch on the edge of each tooth. 

It really makes them stand out:

I think I am going to stitch this little triceratops next:

Here is a look at the pattern packet:


Lilasesazuis Gata said...

Kim, honey, you're sweet!

Thanks for adding the translator ... it became easier for me to keep track of your beautiful works.

And how cool these pre-hitóricos reasons!

Some time ago, my nephew has a collection of dinosaurs ... I'm sure embroidered bags, cover notebooks ... will appeal very much!

Have a great weekend,


Ligia e = ^. ^ =

Jules Woolford said...

Just catching up with my visits! Kim, I just love these, they are so cool and I think they'll be really popular. I've never grown out of the fascination with dinosaurs! I hope you stitch the trike next, I love the T Rex , but triceratops are my favourite!

Darlene said...

Every time I see dinosaurs I think of little boys. Dinosaurs and little boys just go together! I think any little boys would love these.

I think the way you worked the teeth was a great idea. It really makes them pop!

I just checked out your etsy shop. What a great selection! I will be back to shop...after I finish some of my unfinished projects. How in the world I have so many going at one time is a mystery. Sort of! LOL!

Kim said...

Ligia - Thank you! I hope so :)
Have a great weekend!
Jules - I need to do the same! I love the triceratops too, I think he will be really fun to stitch.
Darlene - Thanks! I am so happy with the teeth. I have so many wips I know just what you mean!

KreinikGirl said...

Great teeth! Fantastic design.

Kim said...

Thank you KreinikGirl! I love his teeth!