Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summer Floss Colors And Some Garden Pictures

Not so long ago I bought this little group of floss - these are such pretty colors.  From left to right the colors are DMC 321, 307, 956, 813 and 208.  These colors are perfect for summer stitching projects:

I have quite a few stitching and other projects in the works.  Some with summer colors, some not!

Speaking of summer, we are having a stretch of hot {for us} weather here in the pacific northwest -   It has been really nice for the garden.  

Shasta Daisies:   


Scarlet Runner Beans:


White Hydrangea:

So many beautiful colors!


Mom Wald said...

Ooooh, colors! They are just chuck full of possibilities!

Di~ said...

MMMMM love the garden shots, Thanks!

Jeito Mineiro de Ser said...

Lindas fotos!
Um abraço!

Beautiful photos!

Ajka said...

Beautiful harvest :-)

Kathy Jo of MN said...

Thank you so much for your color suggestions for the floss.
My mind is overflowing with the possibilities

Kim said...

Hi Mary - I love these colors :)
Di - I love taking garden pictures! My runner beans are getting so much bigger, but I have lost quite a few to rabbits :(
Hi Eglea - Thank you!
Ajka - :) Thank you!
Hi Kathy Jo - You are welcome! I know just what you mean, so many colors to choose from!

Erika Jean said...

Love those colors at the beginning!

Kim said...

Hi Erika Jean - Thank you! I love them too, they are some of my favorites.

summer said...

I Love your blog, its so informative. you do great stitching.

Kim said...

summer - Thank you! I am enjoying your beautiful blog too :)