Thursday, October 4, 2012

Editable autumn place cards

I have listed some new place cards in my Etsy shop.  You can see them here.  These are so nice because they are editable! You can fill in your guest's name right from your computer.

I made these in two sizes and  a variety of styles:

Once they are printed and cut out, they are easy to fold into a tent and put on the table. 

You don't need to use a place card holder

 I have been printing out quite a few of these

for some special occasions!

 I also love the fact that the artwork on these cards matches the artwork in the Autumn Embroidery Pattern Packet so I can make some matching embroidered items for the table.  Here is what the place cards packet looks like:


Denise :) said...

Oh! These are really pretty! I especially love the leaves. For some reason, every time I looked at it, I saw 'edible' instead of 'editable'. Wonder what's on my mind??! :)

Kim said...

Lol! Thanks Denise :)

Makolina said...

Cards are beautiful!

Piękne jesienne klimaty!
Serdeczne pozdrowienia z Polski

Sheila said...

So funny! I thought it said edible placecards!

Kim said...

Cześć Kasia :) Dziękuję! Uwielbiam kolory jesieni
Hi Sheila - I think I should have thought of a different name for these! I keep looking at the post and checking my spelling again lol!

l'alternativa said...

E' sempre un piacere visitare il tuo blog, si respira una bellissima aria e si vedono solo cose belle