Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sewing Room - wip

I am starting a new wip from the Sewing Room pattern.   I am still in the color decision process.

So far I am stitching the tape measure in blue - this is dmc #996.  For the end of the tape measure, I am using this pretty silvery gray - dmc#415:

I am using the same silver for the scissor blades.  The pincushion is going to be red and green - I think...
I need to decide which color to use for the scissor handles - my own sewing scissors are this bright red:

These are my ideas so far - 

black     -    seems a little harsh in comparison to the rest of the colors?
red        -    :)
orange  -    I love the color, but does it clash too much with the red?
blue      -    maybe color overload since the whole tape measure is the same blue

Any ideas? I will keep you posted with my progress!


Makolina said...


Angela Lee said...

Red or orange. I don't think the orange clashes.

big B said...

Kasia - Thank you :)
Angela - Great! Orange is what I am leaning towards - I love the color combination of orange and blue.

simone arrais said...

Hi Kim! I love orange, so this is my favorite colour to your project, for sure! This is a great pattern! Congrats, dear! said...

So pretty! I love your color choices!

big B said...

Simone - Thank you! I love orange too - I have started stitching the handles with the orange and the orange looks perfect with the blue :)
Hi Erikajean - Thank you!