Thursday, May 17, 2012

Polka Dots

I have always loved polka dot patterns and I recently designed some polka dot recipe cards that I am putting in my Etsy shop:

I made these cards editable and of course printable!  They are really easy to use, they are a pdf and you just open them with Adobe Reader - which you can download for free here  You can then type in your recipe or just print the cards and hand write in your recipe:

I made 24 cards total, 12 in  pastel colors and 12 in brights.  I named all the colors as follows  :)

Here are the pastels:

and here are the brights:

Each color has two cards, the main card with the word "Recipe" and room to write or type your title and your recipe.  But, for those really long recipes, you may need more room - the second card is the same design but is just lines for your to write or type the rest of the recipe:

They come two to a page and once you are done typing or writing your recipe, you just cut them apart:

These were such a pleasure to design, and I am already really enjoying using them!


simone arrais said...

This a lovely idea and I think it's a very good option to organize our recipes. Well done, dear!

big B said...

:) Thank you Simone!

Johanna said...

I love polka dots! I've been searching for fabric to make a garment from...
These are totally cute :)

big B said...

Thanks Johanna! I love polka dots too - especially the vintage style like from the 40's-1950's. I found a small amount of some beautiful vintage fabric - it is pale green with dark green polka dots - I wish I had more!