Wednesday, February 15, 2012

100 Stitches - Up and down buttonhole stitch

100 Stitches time again! This elegant stitch is the Up and Down Buttonhole Stitch:

I love the floss I used for this stitch. It is pearl cotton, color variations DMC #4230

This stitch is easy to do but I suspect I am going to have a hard time explaining my demonstration, even with pictures!  This is one of those stitches that requires guidelines if you want neat, evenly spaced stitches.   I made two horizontal parallel lines, 1/4" apart.

You begin this stitch just like you would the blanket stitch.  Come up through the fabric on the left side edge of the bottom guideline and pull all the way through:

The needle now goes back into the fabric on the top guideline, and back out on the bottom guideline, a little to the right of where the thread first emerged.  Notice that the needle tip is going to go over the working thread:

Pull all the way through - easy blanket stitch:

The needle now goes back into the fabric on the bottom guideline just to the right of the edge of the blanket stitch:

The needle will emerge on the top guideline come the tricky, hard to explain parts:

the needle needs to go over the working thread, so position your thread like this:

As soon as you pull the needle through the fabric, point the needle downward and pull the rest of the way through, and notice the needle tip is going over the working thread:

this forms a loop as you pull down:

pull all the way through and the loop slides into place holding the two stitches together:

Tighten the loop by pulling down and to the right:

and now set up for the next stitch, just like setting up a blanket stitch:

pulling all the way through:

back into the fabric alongside your blanket stitch:

don't forget to make sure your working thread is under the needle like this:

pull up and then

pull downward, again the needle is over the working floss:

pull the loop tight and you have completed two up and down buttonhole stitches!

Just continue with the same steps:

until you have a line of stitching:

This is the underside of the stitching.  I love the clean look:


This is stitch #26 and is listed in the Looped Stitches section of 100 Stitches.


Denise :) said...

This is a beautiful stitch -- I'm definitely going to give this one a try -- it's similar but prettier than the simpler blanket stitch

Farah said...

You add a beautiful creativity to this simple stitch...looks so lovely Kim...
Hope you will enjoy a visit at
With love

Bits of Stitching! said...

This is perfectly explained...thanks!
Beautiful stitch indeed!

big B said...

Denise - Thank you! I was thinking the same thing - I want to try this where I would usually use blanket stitch, I like it much better!
Thank you Farah!
Monika - Thank you! I am really glad to hear that, this was a hard one to photograph :)

donna!ee said...

another awesome tutorial. diggin the varigated thread. thank you much! :)

big B said...

Thanks donna!ee - I love this thread too and I think it really shows off the stitch.

Sam&Gail said...

Hi, just found your site through P'tst, can't wait to explore more. Thought I'd share something I just figured out after using those seam gauges for 40 years -- the flat edged half of the seam gauge is exactly 1/4" wide, so you can just trace down each side of it!

big B said...

Gail - Thanks! Thank you for the tip about seam gauges - LOL I never knew that either!

birtutamkekik said...

ne hünerli bir sayfa bu böyle:)
emeğinize sağlıkk..
seve seve izliyorum hemenn sizi.
bende beklerim sayfa,arzu ederseniz tabiiki..

big B said...

Teşekkür ederiz! Bu dikiş yapmak eğlencelidir!