Thursday, November 17, 2011

Progress report - autumn stitching

These gorgeous autumn colors

from my back yard have reminded me

that I need to share a progress report on one of my many works in progress! Do you remember this project?  I am really pleased with the progress I have made so far!

A closer look will show the different stitches I am using.  For the sunflower, I used the split stitch for the petals and stem stitch for the center.  I still want to add some sort of filling stitch for the sunflower center.  Perhaps french knots?  The zinnia (on the bottom left) is being done in satin stitch with two different floss colors for the petals.  The chrysanthemum (bottom right) is done in back stitch in two rows with two different colors.  I am not sure if I am done with that yet either! I may fill it in with more stitching.  The little acorn needs to be filled in still, I am not sure how I am going to finish it.  I am thrilled with how the pumpkin is turning out!  I did the stem in back stitch and the ribs in split stitch:

I am filling the pumpkin using the long and short stitch.  The unique color comes from combining three strands each of two different colors of floss. I love the effect!


projectrandom13 said...

Looks great!!

Lisa said...

You've got me oohing and aahing over here, fall colors are my favorite, I really like the pattern and the stitches you're choosing too. Will this one be available in your shop?

big B said...

Thank you Olivia!
Lisa - Thanks! I love these fall colors too - I almost hate to rake up all the leaves. Yes this stitching is from the Autumn embroidery pattern pack and it is in my shop.

Susanne said...

Lovely! Great idea combining two colours. This is a quick and cheap alternative to variegated floss (which isn't available in many colours also).


Farah Muzaffar said...

what the vibrant colours are Kim... waiting for the finished project...
Happy if you come to see me at
with love from

Denise :) said...

Oh this is beautiful -- I'm just starting with embroidery -- the thought of filling it in is scary! But yours is gorgeous! :)

My Sweet Prairie said...

mmm you have beautiful photos!! : )
sewing in Saskatoon

Digna said...

Hi Kim,

I really like very much your stitching. I learn a lot with your posts and I find all of your projects very nice and beautiful.

Best regards,

Simone Arrais said...

Hi, Kim! Lovely colours you have chosen! I loved it! Actually, I love the autumn colours... Congrats, dear!

Angela Lee said...

Love, love, love the colors. I could see this pattern on a table runner. The pics are fantastic. I know you are enjoying your camera. I absolutely love fall.

Mom Walds Place said...

Your mixed threads are absolutely wonderful! I have not been able to stitch for THREE weeks. Visiting your blog is the next best thing. Thanks for the "thread fix".

big B said...

Susanne - Thank you! I love mixing threads - plus you can use just the right thickness.
Farah - Thank you!
Denise - Thanks! The filling stitching I am doing on this project as been so much fun and easy - I am still trying to figure out how to fill the sunflower!
Digna - Thanks! I am so glad you like these posts!
Monika - Thank you!
Thank you Simone!
Angela - Thanks! I would love this on a table runner, and some of the smaller pieces on napkins.
Mom Wald - Thank you! How frustrating not to be able to stitch or type - I hope your hand is better soon!

Jules said...

This is looking really lovely Kim. What about small four legged knots for the sunflower filling?

Fiona said...

I've just discovered your blog and your embroidery is beautiful! So inspiring. I'm off to do some stitching and am looking forward to following you and seeing what other lovely things you make.

big B said...

Thanks Jules! four legged knots?! I will have to investigate this stitch - I just checked my 100 Stitches list and it is not on it so...some serious research is in my future!
Hi Fiona - Thank you! I am so glad you found my blog and I am really happy to have found yours!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely wip! Your colors and stitches are perfect!

big B said...

Hi Monika! - Thank you.