Saturday, November 12, 2016

Scandinavian Christmas Stitching - Part One


 Are you starting any Christmas embroidery projects? I am - I just finished this ornament from the Scandinavian Christmas pattern set.

I just love the red and white with silver accents!  All the sparkle comes from metallic floss and blending filament.  I used them everywhere!

This particular ornament is the first in a set of five that I am stitching for a set of napkins.  I stitched this on white kona cotton fabric.  

I have four more patterns to transfer and stitch so I am happy that I started so early!


Darla Mae said...

Hi Kim~

This turned out so pretty! I love the shimmer in the leaves. It will make a lovely napkin...too pretty to use! :-)


Kim said...

:) Thank you Darlene! I know I won't want to use this set when I finish LOL!