Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Leprechaun Embroidery Project - Part Two

I have an update to share on my leprechaun embroidery project .  You may remember from my last post that I was wondering about floss colors for the mushroom top {thank you for all of your helpful suggestions!}  Well...since then, I happened to come across this fabric and I found it to be very mushroom looking and a perfect color.  So I cut the top off of the mushroom pattern:

and traced it onto the wrong side of my fabric.

I cut it out of the fabric and turned it over.  Perfect!

Now I don't want to worry about the raw edges of this fabric so I am trying out just using the blanket stitch around the border.  I am spacing the stitches close enough together that hopefully, fraying edges will not be a problem!

I am going to stitch all the underneath parts before blanket stitching the mushroom top on.  I have stitched all the way to the mushroom stem and so now I am finishing the stem.  I decided to go with white floss and I am doing it in rows of split stitch - here is a little better view of the stem:

For the pot part of the pot of gold, I am back stitching in rows.  I am using black but I think I will have to make the rim of the pot a slightly different shade to set it off from the pot.  I think these gold coins are really going to look good: 

Next will be the grass - this bright green is DMC #906:

I am using the same floss color for the leprechaun's little pants, I outlined them in backstitch just because I wanted to keep track of the line but I may change that.  I need to think of a good stitch to finish these:

Now time to start thinking about hair and beard colors!


Mom Wald said...

Part TWO?! How did I miss one? Must've been a leprechaun.

KC'sCourt! said...

That looks fun

Jules Woolford said...

The spotty fabric is a great idea! Did you use a bonding agent Kim?

Darlene said...

can't wait to see it finished!

Kim said...

Mary - LOL!
Julie :) Thank you!
Jules - Thanks! No not on this one I just went with the fabric as is...I will be interested to see how this works!
Darlene - I will be sure to post my finish on this one!

PTCRUZ said...

Me encanta!

Jules Woolford said...

Well, it worked beautifully without stabiliser Kim!
I used bullion knots for Bo Peep's hair - I love doing them:)

Diane said...

What a fun idea to use the fabric with the embroidery.

Hugs Diane

Kim said...

PTCRUZ - Gracias :)
Thanks Jules - Ahhh...the bullion knot - that was going to be my second guess ;) It looks so good for her hair!
Hi Diane - This has been really fun, I think they work well together too!

Silvia LGD (Little Green Doll) said...

This fabric is perfect! Love it! :)

Kim said...

Silvia - Thanks! I am so pleased that I tried this, I am really happy with the way the blanket stitch is finishing the edge too.